Condolence & Memory Journal

My condolences go out the Mikels family.

Tony Shriver

Posted by Tony Shriver - Centerville, IA - friend   October 20, 2015


She was a very nice lady and she will be greatly missed. Our condolences
go out to the family.

From the Ewing family: Matthew, Margery and Marilyn

Posted by Margery Davison - Centerville, IA - friend   October 20, 2015

To Rodney & Karen, Sorry to read of your recent loss- she'll be missed, I'm sure, but she would have to be doing something. She can find lots of kids to take care of now. Mary & Dean

Posted by Dean Stocker - IA   October 15, 2015

My dear friend Dorothy, I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your Mother.
I pray for you to fine strength to deal with the hurt that you are having to deal with. I love you my precious friend! Love you, Wanda Nunn

Posted by Wanda Nunn - Evansville, IN - Friends   October 15, 2015


my heart goes out to the mikels family and wells family. rosemary was the most kindest, compassionate, and, caring person that i know. i have known rosemarry all my life she was friends with my grandmother and rosemary took me in as foster child at the request of my family so i could still have some contact with them she didnt have to but that was the kind of person rosemary was. she held a special place in her life for children. some of my greatest childhood memories was playing and growing up on the mikels family farm in Numa, baking and cooking and learning how to sew with rosemary, and learning how to fish with gerald. Rosemary was the greatest foster mom i could of ask for.I was not the easiestkid to take care but rosemary and gerald never gave up on me and for that i am very thankful for having them in my life. i ran into rosemary a couple years ago at walmart and walked up to her and she smiled at me and i said i dont know if you remember and before i could finish she said ".of course i do how have you been cory ." rosemary i will truly miss you and was blessed to have you as my foster mom

Posted by Cory Stansberry - moulton, IA - foster child   October 14, 2015

Karen I'm very sorry for youre loss. Hope you remember me . When I got my drivers liscence you let me drive by myself. I have never forgotten that memory,it will forever be in my heart. Prov 3:5,6 Ruthie

Posted by ruth peel - Newton, KS - friend of karens   October 14, 2015

Prayers for you in your loss of this wonderful lady. What a tribute to a wonderful giving life, you all that knew her her will ever forget. Her legacy will live on. Each of you have been blessed beyond measure to have her in your lives. God bless you all, her joy is complete now, she lives on in your hearts and minds for always.

Posted by Barb Sander - Centerville, IA - Friend of Angela and Lydia   October 13, 2015


Rosemary was the kindest,sweetest,loving and compassionate woman I know. she would do anything for anyone. she opened her home her heart and her love to me. she made a big impact in my life. I am very grateful for her and Gerald to have been in my life. I think of Rosemary and love her like she was my own mom. Rosemarys whole family is family to me. I will always remember the good times I had at her house the heart to heart talks and her wisdom words. I will always love you Rosemary.

Posted by melinda opperman - centerville, IA - foster mom   October 13, 2015

Rosemary was a strong and powerful woman in a tiny package! She enlightened and enriched the lives of those she touched, mine included. I am thankful to have known her. May God's love surround all that loved her during this difficult time.

Posted by Gayla Sharp - Centerville, IA - Friend   October 13, 2015

Our prayers are with you all. Rosemary was a special woman. She will be missed. God Bless all of you as you deal with this great loss.

Roger and Sandy Griffing

Posted by Roger Griffing - Centerville, IA - Friend   October 13, 2015

My condolences to the family. My thoughts are with you.

Posted by Winona Lawson Whitaker - Centerville, IA   October 13, 2015


Thanks to Rosemary & Gerald I am the wonderful woman I am today. Rosemary & Gerald not only welcomed me into their home as one of their own BUT they loved me when my own mother didn't love me. I am thankful everyday for Rosemary and her family. Rosemary recently shared some great memories with me. We laughed, we hugged, I cried....Thank you for choosing to be my mother Rosemary. I will take GOOD CARE of you man.

Posted by Brenda Selvy - Centerville, IA   October 13, 2015

Kids Don't ever think your grandma did'nt have a great since of humor,because she did lol!I remember once she recieved a phone call,from a gung ho siding salesman and as i sat there with all of my attention on the conversation drinking a Mt-dew that she always kept on hand at the house!Anyway it seem'ed like they were on the phone for an hour or better,but i'm sure it was'nt that long but this guy was long winded telling her how great his siding was and all and when he was done talking,She said what do i need your siding for?I Live in a brick house!!!!LOL Now thats funny i don't care who you are!!!Rosemary you were the most special person i ever new.We will all miss you dearly i know i always thanked you for every thing you did for me i liked to think i earned your love!You tought me to be thankful for everything you have,and to be a decent young man.I really enjoyed going to Church every Sunday espically comeing home and eating the Roast,taters,carrots and onions One of my favorites yet today.Thanks for all the beautiful Family moments we spent together!!! RIEP

Posted by Richard Williams - Trenton, MO - Foster son   October 13, 2015

Hi my name is Joshua Michael simmons I want to just say I'm so sorry for everyone's lose it was a very big lose for for me because rosemary was once my foster mother and she was always trying to get me to see the big picture of life.. she tried to help me when I lived with her and Gerald they tried to teach me right from wrong but I was to hard headed and selfish to listen to them... I regret not listening to them because they were the most wonderful people...they would help anyone that was in need no matter if they were bad people rosemary took care of my brother Justin Simmons and I very well... She tried to give us all we needed and she did the right thing in life... I loved her like my mom because she was all I had at the at the time decides my dear grandma I was taken away from our family and she took my brother and I in when no one else would but anyway I took your advice and looked at the bigger picture of life and now I'm doing good in life now. I just wanted to say thanks for helping me when I was younger and I love you Rosemary and Gerald mikels

Posted by Joshua simmons - Centerville, IA - foster son   October 13, 2015


Rosemary was always a very wonderful lady. My 2 youngest boys was in her care for quite sometime and she was good to the boys and to my self. A woman with many kind words and always was a woman with a heart of gold she will never be forgotten by my boys nor myself we love you Rosemary to the moon and back
Our condolences go out to all of the family at this time would like to say your loved one is an angel and always has been an angel she will always hold a spot in my heart for all the wonderful things she had done for my family I will never lose the spot she holds in my heart.

Posted by Beverly Caraccio - Centerville, IA - Friend   October 12, 2015

I came to know Rosemary at Golden Age when she came to visit her husband. She was always thinking of someone else instead of herself. We miss her presence as does her husband. She was a great lady. Rest in peace our friend!
Golden Age Staff & Residents

Posted by Dalene Hamilton - Centerville, IA - friend   October 12, 2015

Paula and family I was so sorry to hear about Rosemary. My thoughts will be with you. Rosemary was a good lady.

Posted by Connie VanBlaricom - Deltona, FL - Friend   October 12, 2015

I worked with Rosemary for many years. She had an amazing ability to love other people's children, to be nurturing and firm at the same time. She was dependable, had a sense of humor as well as deep empathy for others. Many people's lives have been touched by this wonderful woman. She will be missed.

Posted by Bonnie Martin - Former Co-Worker   October 12, 2015

Because I'm a social worker I've known Rosemary for a very long time. She was not just a great foster parent she was a loving parent and grandmother and friend. More recently I've sat and talked with her at the nursing home where Gerald and my mother both live. I am greatly saddened by Rosemary's passing. She was a dear wonderful fun person. It doesn't seem possible that she has passed. I will miss her. Blessings to her family.

Posted by Nell Gates - Centerville, IA - Old friend   October 12, 2015

Thinking of you all during this difficult time. So sorry for your loss., she will be tremendously missed

Posted by deb & Rick Henkle - Cinainnati, IA - friend   October 12, 2015


Rosemary was selfless person. She has touched so many people and was always available to be that "listening ear" and give her guidance. She aided in getting young people on the right path and that will never be forgotten. I know she has a special place in heaven. I am glad she was there to take me in during a time in my life when I was struggling. Thank you.
My prayers go out to her wonderful family at this time.

Posted by Julie Hengstenberg - Glenwood, IA   October 12, 2015

Our condolences Paula and the rest of your family! Rosemary was one of the strongest-willed women I've known!!

Posted by Jerry Power - Moravia, IA - FRIEND   October 12, 2015

May happy memories carry you through this sorrowful time. You are in our thoughts, our, hearts and our prayers.

Posted by Mark and Thelma Smothers    October 12, 2015

Prayers sent to all of you. She was a very nice person. No words can heal your heart, but know that you are all in my prayers.

Posted by Mona Berry - Numa, IA - friend   October 11, 2015

My condolences to the family. Everybody was family to Rosemary. She accepted and loved everybody regardless of their circumstances, allowed hundreds of kids who had no home, to learn to accept themselves and be loved, sometimes for the first time. God will welcome Rosemary and love her as she loved all. My deepest sympathies.

Posted by Jackie Sharp - Centerville, IA - Friend   October 11, 2015